• Let’s face it, literally 🙂 Nothing brightens up a day more than feeling and looking fabulous in beautiful skin. No matter your age, your gender, your skin tone – good skin always turns up the happy quotient.

    Shruum is the friend that your skin always wanted, always seeing the brighter side, and one that will never let your skin down. Our wisdom is real, our solutions are simple, and our joy is contagious. The more you know us, the more you’ll see that we pack a ton of detail in our products. Made carefully with skin-loving, time-tested and powerful ingredients, our products give your skin, the care it needs, and the luxury it deserves.

However, happiness is not that easily found

It needs to be pursued to precision, discovered at its finest, and gently captured in little boxes to be brought to the world. We created Shruum with one objective: spread the goodness of our honest products, and to bring happiness to people.

  • We are the happy side of skincare

  • At Shruum, we believe in the power of nature to transform your skin. Our meticulously crafted skincare products harness the finest ingredients, including Shiitake, Reishi, Cordyceps, and Chaga mushroom extracts for hydration, firming, and age-defying benefits. We blend Algae extracts to moisturize, stimulate ceramide synthesis, and fortify skin’s barrier. Probiotic ferments soothe and plump, while Niacinamide brightens, tones, and protects against UV and blue-light damage, and even reverses it. Our formulations also feature antioxidant Vitamin E, healing and restoring Gotu KolaBakuchiCalendula, and Arnica, nourishing vegetable proteins with potent amino acids and collagen peptides, and rejuvenating Olive Squalane.

A Brand based on Mushrooms

Being all-natural, mushrooms are the star ingredient of Shruum with a whole range of remarkable properties, that are way ahead of most other skincare ingredients. This means improved hydration, reduced wrinkles and fine lines, improved skin elasticity and firmness, faster cell turnover, improved anti-inflammatory and antioxidant responses; and a slew of other benefits.